Official Rating System

I feel it necessary to have an official rating system specific to Pinteresting Cooking in order to accurately portray the time, ease/difficulty, monetary value, and overall deliciousness of the recipe.  Based on these criteria I have developed the official rating system.

Every recipe will be evaluated on those criteria like so:

Time Suggested: Here is where I will place the time the creator of the recipe suggests it should take

Time Actual: The time that it actually took me to make (start – finish) will go here

Ease/Difficulty: Easy – Medium  – Hard (my definitions of these will come later)

Monetary Value:  Essentially how many ingredients – where they expensive – etc. (This will be established in a minute)

Taste: Out of 5 stars – 5 being the best 1 being the worst

To me, easy will mean that this recipe should be doable with a child – for instance regular chocolate chip cookies. Medium (this is typically my favorite type of cooking) is where time and effort are definitely required, minimal – slight skill is necessary, and all the words and ingredients are easily found and understood. Finally, hard will be defined as a recipe where extreme skill is necessary, lots of time is taken, there is a large amount of foreign vocabulary, and there are multiple ingredients that you have never heard of.

As for monetary values – a similar 5 star rating will be used. 5 being extremely expensive (lots of ingredients, etc) and 1 being less expensive (fewer ingredients, etc)

The “stars” will look like so: 5 stars (example of 5 stars – or 5 P’s)

I hope that this rating system will make the recipes from Pinterest easier to go through!

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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