About Me

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My name is Cassie and I am a college student in Washington. I come from a family of amazing cooks and at some point this year it hit me – cooking isn’t a natural gift that I have been blessed with. This realization spurred my desire to begin cooking and trying new recipes in order to hone my skills.

With my potential cooking skills in mind alongside my insane addiction to pinterest, I came across a problem that I have yet to see solved:  how are average cooks supposed to determine which recipes are good and which are not?

On pinterest, we all judge recipes solely on their pictures but what good does that do us? Is if fair for us to judge a recipe by the photographic talent of its creator? A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, but we could then ask how that correlates to our taste buds? Is an amazing picture of a meal or dessert worth all that time to make if it isn’t as delicious or easy as their creators think it is?

THAT’S why I created this blog. I have already been cooking meals everyday from pinterest for myself and my roommate, so I thought: Why not share the results with everyone? This way, you can all easily determine what recipes you want to cook for whatever occasion knowing that they will be worth your time and money to make. These results and descriptions of some of the most re-pinned recipes on Pinterest will be coming from an average cook, with an average set of skills, and a weekly college student type budget.

I hope that you all find this all helpful and feel free to contact me with any recipes you’d like me to evaluate! Happy cooking! And like in Ratatouille:


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