Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad

Finally I have had some spare time to talk about the delicious Lemon Orzo pasta salad that I made last week. Ever since finals ended almost two weeks ago, I have been kept quite busy with other school related obligations and preparations. In exactly one week I will be starting a summer class that is 6 weeks long and in a different state – with dare I say it, DORM FOOD. I know, I’m dreading it slightly, but I’m sure the overall experience will be a blast! However, during those 6 weeks, I will not be able to cook any foods on my own besides sandwiches so there won’t be much activity on this page until I get back in the middle of August. I will try my best to check in occasionally and maybe share some pictures of the stuff that I’ll have been studying.

But back to the main purpose of this post, the pasta salad! As the days go by, summer appears to really have started. The temperatures are getting warmer and the sun is coming out from behind the clouds more and more which made this lemon infused salad perfect for a warm summer day! The preparation was extremely simple, it was basically a 5 step meal that tasted great!

CAM00632First you start cooking the Orzo and while that cooks, you chop up a cucumber (I used only 1, but I would recommend two to make it taste cooler and more refreshing!)



Then cut and juice a lemon. Then zest the rind and add a tbsp or two of oil to the mixture. This will be the “dressing”.


Once the orzo is cooked, place it in a bowl and add the dressing as well as the cucumber and some feta.

For added taste and freshness (plus I really needed to eat them), I added some red grapes. They were a nice addition to this! I also highly recommend refrigeration of at least an hour or more. CAM00647 CAM00648


Time Suggested: 15 minutes

Time Actual: 25-30minutes

Ease/Difficulty: Easy

Monetary Value:1 star

Taste:  3 stars

Original Recipe: http://www.forkknifeswoon.com/food-drink/side-dishes/2013/05/lemony-orzo-pasta-salad-with-cucumber-and-feta/


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