Chopped Full (of Salads)

I apologize for not posting yesterday – I had finally reached the end of the food in my apartment and just made some normal everyday pasta, nothing all that pinteresting! Unfortunately, today was a similar food day seeing as how I am preparing to take a six day hiatus in order to travel and celebrate Memorial day with my friends and family. However, instead of posting nothing, I have decided to share with you the delicious salad that I had this evening for dinner. Recently, I have been re-introduced to my love of salads. I had a perfect summer salad at California Pizza Kitchen a few weeks ago and ever since then I have not been able to stop eating them! Everyday at lunch I have a new salad creation based on what I have available in my cupboard.

Today’s salad was spinach based with dried dates, almonds, apricots, and feta with Balsamic¬†Vinaigrette.

CAM00257It was absolutely delicious. It had the perfect balance of fruits, nuts, and greens. I can’t even tell you, I could eat this all day!

Typically I use the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to making salads. The more fruits or vegetables or nuts that are in it, makes eating the salad that much more exciting. Especially with the weather heating up, the crisp and freshness of salads are perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Well I’m off to visit home for a few days where the weather will be 90 degrees! I most likely won’t have any pinterest recipes to evaluate until I get back, but I will update on other food related items! I hope you all have an awesome and food-filled Memorial Day weekend! Be safe everyone!



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