Crispy Black Bean (and Corn) Fritters

Today’s Pinterest recipe is actually one that I have made before. And that should be a testament to how much I loved it the first time.  The first time I made these black bean fritters, I had all the proper ingredients and was able to make the suggested cilantro dipping sauce which honestly makes the dish! IT. IS. SO. GOOD.  I was skeptical when I made it that it would taste funny or ruin the effect of the fritters. However, it was the complete opposite. It complimented the taste perfectly and it was seriously missed this time around.

CrispyBlackBeanFrittetrs001Today I was trying to use up some of the random ingredients in my cupboard and the easiest thing that came to mind was these! I didn’t actually have red bell peppers but I did have a can of corn so I decided to substitute them in.


All I used for this was a can of beans, a can of corn, half of an onion, half cup of flour, salt & pepper, and 2 eggs (the original recipe called for cilantro, but I also did not have that).

CAM00206So I just put all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed them all together. Scooped them out and into a skillet. The recipe said to fry them in oil, but I didn’t feel like using up all that oil so I just cooked them.

CAM00209 CAM00212 CAM00215They turned out perfectly for a last-minute everything-but-the-kitchen-sink type of meal! I still highly recommend the original recipe (link at the bottom) though!

The way that I made them made about 10 fritters which is a perfect amount for leftovers!

CAM00218 CAM00220 CAM00227Since I didn’t have the greek yogurt or cilantro, I was unable to make the dipping sauce, so I made use of what I did have and used regular old Ketchup. It wasn’t as refreshing as the original dipping sauce, but it did the trick!

I still love this recipe and will definitely keep it in my back pocket for future endeavors!


Time Suggested: Not mentioned

Time Actual: 45 minutes

Ease/Difficulty: Easy

Monetary Value:   1 star

Taste:  5 stars

Original Website:


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