Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

As it is getting closer and closer to summer, I have been craving more and more salads. I think the random heat stroke here in Seattle this past week has made me really want colder and fresher foods. Salads included! Now this salad from Tablespoon was something that I have been really been looking forward to ever since I first pinned it. It has grapes (one of my all-time favorite fruits!), chicken, Greek yogurt, and celery – I mean, how could it be bad? It also didn’t hurt that it had such an attractive picture that highlighted it’s fresh ingredients!

Greek Yogurt Chicken SaladThe recipe (link at the bottom) calls for the chicken to be poached which I found quite surprising. For those who don’t know, poached is cooking the chicken in boiling water like so:

PicsArt_1368669770270After chopping up all the other ingredients and putting them together in a bowl, I tasted it and I realized that it wasn’t at all what I was expecting it to taste like. Maybe it was the yogurt that I used (I used Chobani Plain NF Greek) or maybe I over-cooked the chicken, but whatever the reason, it was overall not as tasty as I was expecting. The grapes were the saving grace for this dish. The particular grapes that I bought happened to be perfectly ripe – I found myself making sure that each scoop of this chicken salad had large amounts of grape halves in it!

In an attempt to save this dish, I added a good tablespoon or two of honey into this mixture and it helped some.




I also had a leftover large head of iceberg lettuce so I decided to make these into mini wraps.

PicsArt_1368669639960Overall,  I wasn’t quite impressed with this recipe. It was good enough just to have, but it certainly wasn’t really worth making again. Which was very disappointing! Unfortunately my roommate wasn’t home to try this, otherwise I’d fill you in on her opinions, but I’m not thrilled enough to make it again so that that happens.


Time Suggested: 1 hour

Time Actual: 45 minutes

Ease/Difficulty: Easy

Monetary Value:   1 star

Taste:  3 stars

Original recipe from Tablespoon:


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