Pesto Pasta with Chicken Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

ImageThe way that I have decided to do grocery shopping the last couple of months is that I have picked out about 5-6 Pinterest recipes, make a large grocery list and buy the ingredients. Then throughout the week, I decide based on how we feel what we will have for the evening. Tonight Megan (my roommate and official taste-tester) and I had a serious craving for some pasta! Pasta makes the world go round in our opinion. It is such an easy meal and almost always tastes awesome and this recipe from Gimme Some Oven (link at the bottom) was no exception!

I was initially attracted to this post because I have a serious love of Brussels sprouts and the amazing color of their picture which made me literally wish that I could just reach through the computer with a fork and grab a bite of that meal! I still feel that way when I look at it. However, I decided last week that I needed to try it and tonight was the perfect opportunity to get that water boiling and bake them brussels sprouts! The result was an irresistibly delicious pasta dish starring some great chicken sausage and perfectly crispy brussels sprouts.

Now onto the details. At the grocery store, the only brussels sprouts available were large whole ones which makes cutting them in half (as per the instructions) still rather large pieces – I advise cutting them into fourths or more bite-sized pieces. The recipe says to bake them from anywhere between 12-30 minutes at 400 degrees. I cooked mine for about 20 and that was a little too long honestly. Mine were more dried out than they probably should have been, but it didn’t bother me that much! That just goes to show you how much I LOVE brussels sprouts – doesn’t matter how poorly they are cooked, I will eat them!

My other note on the recipe is that I did not have Parmesan cheese because I am poor and I did not feel it necessary to buy a $5 tub of it just for this recipe, but it was not necessary. The recipe was superb the way it was!

As per usual, I used the generic Safeway brand of pasta shells for this meal. The particular brand of chicken sausage didn’t seem to matter since I used an abstract one compared to the recipe and there was also a deal on pesto when I went to the store, so these ended up being the brands that I got

 chicken sausage

I just used the whole jar and it was awesome! I actually really enjoyed this pesto and bought a second jar already! And the chicken sausage, though not plain, was a superb addition. The provolone added into the sausage made up for the lack of Parmesan in the meal!


I am sure that I will be adding this recipe to my regular rotation.

Now, for the ratings!

Time Suggested: roughly 30 minutes

Time Actual: about 40

Ease/Difficulty: Easy

Monetary Value:   1 star

Taste:  5 stars

Original recipe:


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