Let’s dive in!

I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely, completely, and 110% ADDICTED to Pinterest. Ever since I created an account there, I have had a permanent tab devoted to it on my computer just so I can easily search through all the wonderful and delicious things that are posted.

Guiltily, the main thing that I search through when I am on that site is the food. That’s right! All those delicious looking meals and sweets – I mean, you can’t honestly tell me that your mouth doesn’t water when you see a perfect picture of an amazing mac&cheese or a picture of some unique new way to have peanut butter in dessert form! Or maybe you can. That’s probably why unlike you, I have a serious problem. This problem being: what recipes on pinterest are actually GOOD?!

This brings me to why I have decided to start this blog. I recently decided to start really cooking and working on my skills so that one day I could be as good as my mother and grandmothers! So, being a broke college student, where was I supposed to go to get recipes – a cookbook being out of the question due to:

1. Lack of pictures – I have this thing about seeing what the food should look like before I decide to make it.

2. Price – for some reason, cookbooks are more expensive than I expect they should be!

So naturally I turned to pinterest, where pictures are the way you judge the recipe and the recipe is completely FREE. Then I stumbled upon a new problem – the recipes aren’t always as great or easy as the creators think they are. But how do you tell based on the picture? You don’t. That’s why I thought that as an average everyday cook, I could literally cook my way through some of the most popular (re-pinned if you will) recipes on pinterest and relay to all of you how they turned out. This way you won’t have to waste your precious time or money on a recipe that won’t be worth sharing (and bragging about) with your friends and family – which, let’s be real, is one of the top reasons we cook new recipes right?!

Starting from today, everyday I will post a new pinterest recipe, the pictures of all the stuff that I used to make it with, the final product, my reviews on it, and the overall rating on the recipe! I hope that this blog is helpful to all your pinteresting cooking adventures! Now let’s get our cook on!


One response to “Let’s dive in!

  1. I just found Pinterest the other day…. Oh glorious Pinterest. I can’t believe how much time I’ve already wasted looking at everything on there! Will definitely follow your blog to see what the good food recipes are! 🙂

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